Forest and Parks

Natural Resources

Natural resources, such as those provided by the Burnett County Forest, satisfy the ecological and socio-economic needs of society. The mission of the County Forest is to manage, conserve, and protect these resources on a sustainable basis for present and future generations.

Protecting Forest Resources

County Forest resources should be protected from natural catastrophes such as fire, insects, disease, species outbreaks, and from unregulated human uses.

Managing Forest Needs

While managing for environmental needs, these same resources must also be managed to provide for sociological needs, including recreational opportunities and the production of raw materials for wood-using industries.

Management will provide this variety of products and amenities for the future through the use of sustainable resource management practices.

  1. Devils Lake Invitation for Bids

    Contractors are invited to bid on Burnett County Devils Lake Waterfront Renovations, located at 6571 Devils Lake Road, WI Webster 54893. Project consists of a parking lot for public access and replacing the eroding retaining wall. Read on...
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