Tax Deed Land for Sale by Burnett County, Wisconsin

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There are currently no tax deed parcels listed for sale on the Wisconsin Surplus website

Parcel and bidding information may be found by scrolling down to Burnett County logo on the left side of the Wisconsin Surplus auction site page.

Additional information for Voyager Village tax deed parcels on covenants, annual fees and building regulations. Contact Voyager Village at 715-733-7004.

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Parcels listed for sale on the Wisconsin Surplus website must be purchased through their website; they may not be purchased through the county.

Voyager Village Map of Additions
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Voyager Village Area Road Map

General Land Sale Information

Burnett County Geographic Information System (GIS) Website - Maps, Parcel Features and Aerial Photography

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Burnett County Clerk's Office - Land - For Sale

The following parcels may be purchased at the Burnett County Clerk's Office, Burnett County Government Center, 7410 County Road K, Room 150, Siren, Wisconsin during normal business hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please contact the County Clerk's office for additional information or to set up an appointment for purchase. 715-349-2173. Payment must be cash, check or money order and made out to the Burnett County Treasurer. 

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Tax ID        Property Address         Minimum Bid

6377          Voyager Village                $220.00

6386           Voyager Village               $320.00

6391           Voyager Village               $320.00

6826            Voyager Village              $440.00

7098            Voyager Village              $320.00

7121             Voyager Village             $320.00

7126             Voyager Village             $320.00

7181              Voyager Village            $320.00

7247              Voyager Village             $320.00

7249              Voyager Village             $320.00

8428              Voyager Village             $320.00

8623              Voyager Village             $440.00

8766              Voyager Village             $420.00

12676           Town of Meenon           $2,500.00     (sale pending)

23094          30290 N. Seventh Ave, Danbury    $25,000.00